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Always verify the Token ID for TTT(Native Reward Token). Even if it’s just the first few numbers –Token ID: 5321508197ffed321c5fc9a1427e5c68b31d2c1ec92ae1c495f8acb08d8d66cd

Always verify the Token ID for TTT(Gaming Token). Even if it’s just the first few numbers –Token ID: fda5850ef8796f728e0b3d31d9c664d1507541bdaaaf94717a6ea395602e7fae

WorldTTT is a Gaming/Trading/Learning community that allows its members to learn about crypto currency assets whilst playing our trading inspired crypto made games. Members of WorldTTT are rewarded with crypto assets when they take part in WorldTTT made games.

WorldTTT is a highly functional Gaming/Trading/Learning community, that uses open source projects that bank on blockchain technology’s permission-less nature; to provide trading inspired games, that help community members learn about crypto. 

All WorldTTT made games are crypto trading inspired and fueled. All our games are powered in some way shape or form by crypto assets & crypto related tools/App/Dapps [i.e. NFT, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized exchange(DEX), BCH (Bitcoin cash), simple ledger protocol (SLP), XEC (eCash), eToken.]

Trying out Crypto RISK FREE

We give our members from around the world the same opportunity to try out crypto risk free. This means you don’t ever have to put up any of your own money to actually learn how it all works and try it out for yourself. From wallets to centralized exchanges & decentralized exchange (DEX) we have it all! Integrated and ready for the use of beginners in crypto, who want to try it out in a safe place without any fear of scams or handing over funds for crypto. We achieve this process by giving members free TTT though via our telegram faucet, in hope to teach them how the different apps/tools e.g wallets exchanges, faucets) can be use daily and confidently, without fare of losing funds or being scammed.

TTT Native Reward Token

Some token protocols have their own coin which you must first acquire in order to use other tokens. TTT runs directly on top of BCH. Tokens can be exchanged peer to peer with no trusted third party.

TTT Native Reward Token use case explained: 

TTT is used by WorldTTT to govern its community, allowing participation of members in games, votes, rewards,  decentralized exchange (DEX), wallets app/Dapps, Exchanges, decentralized finance (DeFi). TTT trades exclusively on slp.1BCH.com exchanges & Memo.cash, where TTT carries a usd value, based on what market/platform traders are trading it at. TTT can also be obtained through  WorldTTT.com promotions and claimed for free in our telegram faucet, TTT Faucet . 1 TTT = 100 TTT(GT) this is a fixed value of TTT to TTT(GT) while exchanging the pair. 

Exchanges where TTT / TTT(GT) pair exist: WorldTTT.com 

WorldTTT also acts as a pear to pear exchange with no trusted third party. In simple words, WorldTTT exchanges tokens directly with a member without the approval of a trusted third party. Members are made aware of the risks that comes with exchanging tokens on WorldTTT.com. WorldTTT acts in a unique manner when establishing the pear to pear aspect, as this only takes place between WorldTTT and its community members. Proof of transaction (PoT) is recorded on the blockchain and sent to members emails when any exchange takes place, so a record is kept between both WorldTTT and community members. This is done to build trust over time in the unique exchange system and also to resolve any possible future mishaps of crypto assets being misplaced. This allows us to backtrack transaction history and resolve any failures or possible mishaps as securely and quickly as possible, both for the sake of our members & community.

Securing Crypto Assets & Accountability 

All crypto assets traded by WorldTTT using fiat currency is deposited into the BCH/TTT trading pair and can be access on  slp.1BCH.com and viewed on the order book. This will secure the consist availability for market orders being confirmed and steady growth of the trading pool over time, plus a real chance for TTT to grow in value over time. How is WorldTTT held accountable to the protocol? 

By making whatever we have committed to public and open, not just for our members to see but everyone. This is information we have made open to everyone not just to back up our service & reputation, but to build trust between WorldTTT & it community. 

To keep WorldTTT accountable to its community, on the 5th of each month, monthly screenshots of BCH/TTT trading pair order book from slp.1BCH.com are released on the WorldTTT blog page as well as on our twitter feeds & Telegram news channel. We also release a number count of our registered members, along with the crypto exchange rate of TTT/BCH and how much fait currency was traded in for TTT in that month on our homepage. All this detailed information helps the WorldTTT community members keep accountability of WorldTTT conduct, whilst carrying out our commitments. This allows our members or anyone to authenticate our record books by using the blockchain to confirm our monthly fait to crypto assets commitment. The  confirmation transaction block ULR will also be made available along with the screenshot. This is so WorldTTT members can keep accountability of WorldTTT commitment to deposit fait currency obtained from trades involving TTT, to put it into BCH/TTT trading pair order book from slp.1BCH.com 

How to use slp.1BCH.com exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8nCS-n_qpo&t=1s

The post is put out on the 5th of each month on our Blog page, twitter and Telegram news channel. 

Eco-system Table

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is XEC.pngBitcoin Cash - WikipediaWorldTTT – WorldTTT Website
eCash– Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) has rebranded to eCash (XEC) and has redenominated to a 1:1000000 ratio
eCash provides the use of eTokens with really low transaction fees within the Cashtab.com open source wallet
slp.1BCH.com– Crypto ExchangeTTT(Native Reward Token) Our native reward tokens are purely for rewarding our members who take part in any games or competitions made by WorldTTT. This token can be traded in for prizes and rewards on the WorldTTT site
(1 TTT Native Token = 100 TTT Gaming Tokens).

(1 TTT Native Token = 0.0000016474 Bitcoin cash)

(1 TTT Native Reward Token = 0.0011 USD)
TTT(Gaming Token) is a token used with in WorldTTT made games & competitions. Games can be access by WorldTTT members. This token holds a value of 1:100 TTT ratio (1 TTT Native Reward Token = 100 TTT Gaming Tokens).
eCash Wallet– eCash wallet supports the use of TTT(gaming token) on its open source wallet app which is available for downloads, straight on to any mobile device. Please do keep in mind, if you are using an iPhone, please download through safari and not chrome. https://cashtabapp.com

For more information about the Cashtab.com wallet please visit: https://docs.cashtabapp.com/docs/#use-cashtab-as-a-mobile-app
Crypto Exchange- slp.1BCH.com uses Bitcoin Cash for all trading pairs. This means one of the selected currency must be Bitcoin Cash. If you want to trade from currency X to currency Y, you can trade from currency X to Bitcoin Cash first and then another trade from Bitcoin Cash to currency Y.All Known Supported wallets- Zapit IOS/Android wallet app, Wallet.Bitcoin.com app, memo.cash, slp.1BCH.com, All Known Supported wallets- eCash
eToken– Are created on the eCash wallet app and can only be sent back and forth by users who have an available amount of XEC in balance TTT(Native Reward Token)- This token allows holders to exchange it for BCH(Bitcoin-cash) All Known Supported exchanges – slp.1BCH.com, Memo.cash, WorldTTT.comAll Known Supported exchanges- WorldTTT.com
TTT(Gaming Token)– is only available for use on the eCash wallet app – Cashtab.com
XEC is used within the Cashtab.com wallet app to power transactions for TTT(GT). Transaction fees 35XEC = USD$0.00544 is used per a transaction to send TTT(GT) from one wallet to another
Trading pairs- TTT/BCHAll Known Supported trading pairs- TTT/BCH, TTT/TTT(GT), All Known Supported trading pairs- TTT/TTT(GT)
Coinmarketcap- https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ecash/Getting started- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8nCS-n_qpo&t=1sToken Name: Trinity Trust TokenToken Name: Trinity Trust Token (Gaming Token)
Further information: https://e.cash/Further information: https://slp.1bch.com/Token ID:
Token ID: fda5850ef8796f728e0b3d31d9c664d150
Decimals: 2Decimals: 2
Token Ticker: TTTToken ticker: TTT(GT)
Genesis Date: Jan 19, 2021 5:30 PMUTCGenesis Date: 12/06/2021 12:46:02 AM (UTC-00:00)
Fixed Supply: 5000000000.00Fixed Supply: 99999999999.00 
Initial Quantity: 5000000000.00Initial Quantity: 99999999999.00 
Total Burned: 160,860.01Total Burned: 0
Total Minted: 5000000000.00Total Minted: 99999999999.00
Circulating Supply: 4,999,839,139.99Circulating Supply: 99999999999.00
GT (Gaming Token) / NT (Native Token)


Cashtab.com wallet app is an open source wallet app that can be downloaded on any IOS or Android phone through your in house browser. The cashtab.com wallet app allows WorldTTT game players to use TTT(GT) as game currency. Sending TTT(GT) back & forth while playing WorldTTT comes at a very low rate of per one transaction.

Bitcoin.com wallet app

Bitcoin.com wallet app is a wallet that supports Crypto assets of all kind including Trinity Trust Token.

Zapit wallet

Zapit wallet app is a wallet that supports Crypto assets of all kind including Trinity Trust Token.


Registered members with WorldTTT get all sorts of benefits such as: being able to cash in TTT for prizes, exchange TTT for other crypto assets, and earning BCH & XEC when members complete tasks set by WorldTTT.com.

Promotions & Competitions

All WorldTTT promotions and competitions will only be available to registered WorldTTT members. Regular monthly emails will be sent out to our board members, alerting them about the latest competitions, promotions and how to get involved. Competitions will involve various WorldTTT games and give members the chance to win TTT, XEC, BCH.


WorldTTT is a learning based site that endeavors to tech people about the crypto market in the most fun ways. Our love for gaming and competitions led us to create the ultimate crypto based games whilst learning and being rewarded. What you do with your rewards once received is your choice (however this is an opportunity to put into action what you may have learned about crypto currency on our website should you wish).

Staking Table

(Required) TTT (GT)LOCKED(Days)Earnings(%)(Receive) TTT (GT)Availability
10,000,00090days30%3,000,000Not Available
20,000,00090days50%10,000,000Not Available
GT (Gaming Token)


Trinity Trust Token is an (Simple,Ledger,Protocol) Token that as an exclusive use and purpose for the holders of it. to find out more about SLP made tokens visit: https://slp.dev/specs/slp-token-type-1/#introduction


Trinity Trust Token(Gaming Token) is an (eToken) that as an exclusive use and purpose for WorldTTT gaming/learning community. to find out more about eToken made tokens visit: Cashtab.com