RoadMap Ahead

2021 – Being the chosen year of our launch! We’ve set out to do one thing and one thing alone, educate the vast majority on crypto. Our vision is seeing all our members grow in knowledge of cryptocurrencies. We look to keep connecting with our members with new quiz’s challenging their crypto knowledge while rewarding them for progression in learning.

What the future holds!

WorldTTT aims to teach its growing population of people interested in crypto but know nothing about it. WorldTTT currently uses a strategy known as learn & earn, rewarding members with TTT(Trinity Trust Token) a reward token, that can be exchanged on, MEMO.CASH, and CCTIP for BCH(Bitcoin-cash) & selected crypto assets currently. We are looking to expand our project/vision in the coming months/years ahead and are going to be implementing exclusive rewards such as e.g(PS5, Mobile Phones, Online App Subscription, Teddies, Books, Vouchers, Shop Discounts & Many more). WorldTTT will also be looking to expand its current sessions carried out live in person in the UK, currently we have held lessons & quizzes/games in person rewarding those who are actively growing their crypto knowledge with TTT and encouraging them to dive deeper in the educational world of crypto. So far our result have surpass what we expected and the interest in learning about crypto while having fun with friends and exchanging crypto has also been a shock to us. We find ourselves needing more on the ground staff support. That being said we still have big plans to grow and expand this year and are currently recruiting on the ground staff in the UK, this is a priority for us as it is within our plan in the near future to have more competitions filled with games and big rewards, our plan is for people to grow in their crypto knowledge while having fun with others, connecting through games, quizzes & rewards We use all known sources to teach our members, Tiktok, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube,, Facebook, Quizzes, Games, Competitions, Touring, as well as selling merchandise that helps.

The future is very bright for this company and we hope you can join us in seeing it journey to the MOON!