As you know WorldTTT is built on trust and we are transparent with our operations. For this reason (and because we consider you friends of course) we have started monthly updates on all things WorldTTT. These updates will include any new features WorldTTT has launched, an exchange update and an orderbook update. Will also give a sneak preview in what is coming up the following month so be sure to subscribe to our blog here so that you are one of the first in the know.

This month kicks off our first update. Let’s dive straight in.

TTT Telegram Faucet Group

This month we have launched our latest TTT faucet group chat. The faucet group chat allows members to claim TTT simply by typing ‘CLAIM’ in the chat. After which you will automatically receive 1TTT.* You can claim TTT everyday.

To become a member of this group for free, click here and start earning free TTT/BCH!

Joshua HMN NFT and Competition game

We are so excited that this month we launched our first ever NFT game Joshua HMN! The NFT has a treasure hunt type of game hidden within it. There are 4 questions to unlock and the answers are hidden within the NFT. The reward for cracking the code is 5000 TTT.

Take a look at Joshua HMN here!

P.s: well done to our WorldTTT NFT team for creating this, we are so proud we had to give you a shout out on this blog!

Our Exchange

You can continue to exchange TTT for BCH at

Free Cryptocurrency for Beginners Webinar VIA Eventbrite

Part of WorldTTT mission statement is to educate and teach as many people about the cryptocurrency market. We do this via our quizzes, videos, other online content and our games. This month we took this a step further with the launch of our FREE Crypto for beginners online webinars. Free, live, online teaching about the crypto arena designed for the absolute beginner.

If you have been rocking with WorldTTT long enough, you will also soon get to know that we really dislike scammers. Sadly so much scamming happens in the cryptocurrency market and even more sadly, vulnerable people are often targeted. This is part of the reason why we have launched our Crypto for Beginners webinars, so we can clue people up and keep you updated with the latest in the cryptocurrency market.

In these webinars our team teach the absolute basics to cryptocurrency and it is a real opportunity to ask any crypto related questions you have. We also cover NFTS, the different exchanges, an in depth look at crypto projects, live wallet transactions demonstration and we always leave time for questions at the end. If you have a burning Crypto related question, this is a great way to get them answered by our in house cryptocurrency experts.

The webinars have been a huge success and we are looking forward to having many more of you join us. The beauty of webinars is that you can access them anywhere in the world!

We currently run these webinars weekly however spaces are very limited so we encourage you to book onto one ASAP! Did we mention they are free, live and with our cryptocurrency experts?!

Register for our free, live, online webinars taught by our in-house team click here.

WorldTTT Order book

TTT currently exchanging at a steady rate of 0.0000016474 BCH to 1TTT.

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