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Always verify the Token ID for TTT. Even if it’s just the first few numbers –Token ID: 5321508197ffed321c5fc9a1427e5c68b31d2c1ec92ae1c495f8acb08d8d66cd

TTT (Trinity-Trust-Token) is a reward type token that works tightly with BCH (Bitcoin-cash). It’s purpose is to reward those who watch/read our recommended content on crypto, by taking quiz’s and getting rewarded with TTT tokens, which can be converted on for rewards in bitcoin-cash or on CCTIP SWAP for Bitcoin-cash, Ethereum, TRON, Dogecoin, USDT.

TTT tokens are also a reward token that randomly rewards its holders through exchanging/swapping TTT tokens with well known crypto assets. TTT token holders can Trade TTT on CCTIP & MEMO.CASH (crypto asset trading platform) trade TTT for Crypto assets such as: Dodgecoin, Tron, USDT, Bitcoin-cash, Ethereum. Our goal is to give back to our community and to reward TTT holders and supporters. This reward system happens daily, where we randomly distribute TTT Tokens via airdrop, up to the value of $500* every month. TTT Tokens currently trade on CCTIP AND MEMO.CASH – we look to expand into other trading platforms in the near future.

With the right amount of TTT you’ll be able to unlock new BCH Safe listings with greater TTT rewards our loyal/trusted/ultimate members is a whole new upgraded level of BCH safe listings! That means more content, more quizzes and greater pay outs!

We are a company who pride ourselves on our sheer capability to give you the best educational content on crypto, whilst our quizzes also allow you to earn crypto rewards simultaneously. Earn whilst you learn about crypto!

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You will receive your BCH within 24-48 hours. For instant pay outs head to CCTIP SWAP

TTT can be converted to Bitcoin-cash, Tron, Dogecoin, Ethereum and USDT

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We’ve just launched & are airdropping TTT tokens on CCTIP & MEMO.CASH grab some, trade some and store some. $0.20BCH worth of BCH is up for grabs. All you need to do is register and head over to our BCH Safe Listings page and follow the steps to claim. Follow us on twitter @ttt_world to receive TTT token via airdrop and hear the latest news on WorldTTT. Trade TTT tokens on CCTIP & MEMO.CASH